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OcluVet is a potent combination of 6 different
nutrients utilized by the ocular lens to repair and
maintain damaged proteins.
Customer Testimonials
...We've been very
impressed with the
results. Thank you for a
wonderful product!
We have noticed a
improvement...he is able
to enjoy car rides and
walks again.
By the end of the 2
months, their eyes were
definitely less opque, and
they were back patrolling
their territory.
Scientifically Formulated, Clinically Tested
In a multi-veterinary hospital clinical study of cataract and
lenticular sclerosis conditions in several animal species,
83% showed a measurable reduction in opacity and/or
improved acuity.

Administration of 1 drop per eye TID was given for 8 weeks
followed by 1 drop per day adminstration for maintenance.
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