See What Others are Saying About OcluVet
Better, Clearer.
Improvement following
ball when playing catch.
A legitimate prescription
improving the life for
several of my patients.
Beanie is more
active...sees better than
she did before.
Catches frisbee, treats,
balls, etc.
I know he sees better
now...the med is really
The cataract was down
to a trace in my right
eye....cancelled surgery.
...He can see other dogs
from our window!
To my amazement, after
5 days he began to see
close objects.
After using it for just a
few weeks, things took a
remarkable change.
The eyes seemed to my
naked eye to be
completely clear.
He began to climb the
stairs again and no longer
hit the walls.
I feel it is definitely worth
using in cataract patients.
His owners are very
pleased and have noticed
clearer eyes.
We are amazed at the
difference OcluVet made
in our dogs sight and we
think it has added quality
years to his life.
Thanks to you, dogs like
Tucker have a better
quality of life, and this
makes owners like us
happy to be able to help.
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